App for the colour blind to be presented during the festival

Do you know what colour blind people see when they look at traffic lights, or a field of strawberries or poppy seeds? How they know which pawn in the Sorry! game is theirs? All they see is grey. Unlike a healthy eye, theirs cannot tell the difference between red and green. Included in the programme of the Dark Blue Festival is the presentation of a brand new mobile phone app named NowYouSee which helps its colour blind users identify colours by simply converting them.

foto - Aplikace pro barvoslepé

The author of this app, Tomáš Jelínek, is a freelance developer working in Brno’s Impact Hub. You can meet him on 27 April between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. during the Dark Blue Day programme at Moravské náměstí. When downloaded into a smartphone, the app can convert colours so that the colour blind user can identify them properly: e.g. red colour will be converted into pink.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android phones. It can also convert photos and you can use it to make videos with the colours already converted.

There is scientific evidence available as to which colours shall be converted. When developing his app, Jelínek respected these recommendations. “This product can really be useful in everyday life. I came up with this idea when some of my friends, who are colour blind, wanted to play board games. I am glad I have the opportunity to introduce this app during the Dark Blue Festival,” Jelínek says.

His presentation will quite possibly draw large crowds, as one out ten men and one out of eighty women is colour blind.
By the way, do you know why Facebook is blue? Mark Zuckerberg is colour blind, too, and blue is the colour he can see the same way people with healthy eyes can.