Dark Blue Day

On 27 April (1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) you can come to Moravské náměstí for a variety of first-hand experiences from the world of the visually impaired, including reading in Braille, walking with a cane or massages by blind masseurs or the use of apps for the blind.

Tmavomodrý den – foto z události

Come for a short experience with total darkness, to see what people with visual impairments experience on a daily basis. You will be given “simple” tasks while blindfolded, like preparing a snack or pouring yourself a cup of tea – with no visual reference whatsoever.  Have you ever wondered how a blind person sorts laundry or pairs socks by colours? We will show you.  

We will show you how you can turn your smartphone into a useful device for the blind, or how a computer with speech output works.

Included in the programme is the presentation of a special app for the colour blind entitled NowYouSee. When downloaded into a smartphone, the phone can convert colours so that the colour blind user can identify them properly. The author of this app, Tomáš Jelínek, is a freelance developer working in Brno’s Impact Hub. The app is free and available for iOS and Android phones.

Several tents will be built at Moravské náměstí where you can try various eyeglasses simulating various defects, or you can try typing text in Braille. There will also be various games for adults and children alike.

You can also enjoy a massage from a blind masseur, including Pavel Hons who knows perfectly well why hands are more important than eyes, or have a chat with blind people about their everyday life.

Should you become hungry or thirsty, there will be homemade lemonade, coffee, baguettes or sweet rolls.